Welcome to NAVA Chiang Mai!

    NAVA is Chiang Mai's leading source for high quality English teachers and English teaching programs.


    The NAVA School of English provides highly trained, professional English teachers to over fifteen schools!

    NAVA Chiang Mai

    NAVA, Chiang Mai provide native English teachers, along with teaching materials, course books and teaching support to Private and Government schools.

    Our curriculum has been designed to accompany the Thai national curriculum and to allow for an easy transition into a total immersive classroom.


    Learning through happiness

    At NAVA, we believe that students learn better while smiling! We put every effort into making our lessons engaging, educational, rewarding and most of all... fun!

    Our teachers have access to an abundance of materials and facilties to help them design and create outstanding classroom aids, insuring that every class is as visual as it is verbal.

    "Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety"

    English camps

    The NAVA School of English provide a range of English camps for their students, varying from afternoon activites, to three-day holiday camps.

    Location Camps

    Sometimes our students and teachers get the opportunity to participate in English camps at beautiful resorts and gardens.

    Both the students and teachers enjoy these locations as they provide a change of scenery from their school.

    School Camps

    Most of our camps happen at the contracted schools premises, as it provides an easier solution to logistics for the students.

    The students enjoy the change of pace, as what is usually the premise for their daily school routine, gets turned upside down with an abundance of games, activities and general crazyness.


    Overnight & Weekend Camps

    Sometimes our teachers get the opportunity to stay over at beautiful resorts for overnight and weekend camps. These camps are often held at fantastic resorts offering various activities to enjoy when the teaching day has finished.


    Summer Camps

    During summer, while the schools are closed, NAVA often holds camps for students who wish to continue studying.


    หลักสูตร In-house

    The NAVA School of English offer various inhouse programs for students to further progress their English abilities and become confident English speakers.

    หลักสูตร In-house

    In-house classes at nava, chiang mai

    Our in-house programs are available for students wishing to improve their English ability in a fun and enjoyable environment. Our courses take place every weekend from 0900-1200.

    1. Our classes are taught by qualified Native teachers with an abundance of experience teaching young learners. A Thai teaching assistant is always present in class.
    2. We use Cambridge and Mc.Mellan course books.
    3. Our kindergarten classes consist of 10-12 students and our Pratom classes consist of 10-15 students.
    4. Our classrooms are fully equipped with multi-media learning materials and are air-conditioned.
    5. Unlike other language centres, The NAVA premises have been designed to promote a homely, warm environment which helps promote a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
    6. Our curriculum is based around 4 areas of learning; Speaking, listening, reading and writing.
    7. Upon completion all of our students recieve an individual student report and certificate.

    School Contracts

    The NAVA School of English provide English teachers to many schools in Chiang Mai and other provinces throughout Thailand.

    1. Our teachers are fully qualified, native English speakers with an abundance of teaching experience.
    ( ESL)
    2. Our curriculum is based on the Cambridge education system but has been adapted to suit and run a long side the Thai curriculum.
    3. We provide all of our students with workbooks and our teachers with any materials they require to create interactive and visual lessons.
    4. Our students are tested on Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


    Corporate english

    The NAVA School of English offer corporate English assistance to businesses and corporations who may work closely with foreigners.

    1.NAVA provide corporate English training for various businesses and corporations.
    2.Our instructors can teach onsite at your organisations premises.
    3.We tailor our teaching curriculum to your company's requirements.


    We also provide English training for Thai teachers to help improve the overall English ability within the school and to help prepare for Thailand's entry into the ASEAN community.


    Take some time to browse our gallery and obtain an insight into what life is like at NAVA as an English teacher.


    The NAVA School of English are looking for English teachers!

    Jobs & Recruitment

    work for the nava school of english, chiang mai


    Would you like to work as an English Teacher?

    NAVA are expanding, and as such we require more qualified ESL teachers.

    Applicants must meet the following requirements. If you have any questions please contact us.


    • Must be 22 years of age or older.

      We require that our teachers be mature, sensible and above all reliable. We are aware that these qualities do not necessarily correlate with age, but through experience we beleive that 22 is a good age to start teaching.
      If you do not meet this requirement, do not worry - contact us, as exceptions are often made.
    • Must be a native english speaker

      Our job is to provide expert language teachers to schools and as such we require all of our teachers to be Native English speakers.
    • must have a university degree

      To obtain a work permit in Thailand you are required to have a university degree. You are NOT required to have studied education, any subject is acceptable.
    • must have a teaching qualification

      We require that our teachers possess a teaching qualification such as a ESL or TEFL course certificate.

      We offer TEFL training via Green TEFL. This course is a step ahead of the rest as the trainees have the opportunity to practice in real classrooms at NAVA contracted schools.
    • must have experience

      Teachers wishing to work at NAVA must have experience teaching young learners.
    • be healthy and energetic

      Teaching can be a tiring, yet rewarding job and we want our teachers to be energetic and able to evoke an encouraging atmosphere.

      Unlike most language centres, you will be teaching the same students throughout your contracted year, and thus are relied upon by your students for their English lessons. If you are susceptible to illness or are frequently unfit to attend school we ask you not to apply, as it is unfair to our students.
    • you must have an understanding of thai culture

      As you will be teaching in a Thai school, an understanding of Thai culture and etiquette is essential.
    • must be reliable and willing to work as a team

      NAVA encourages a strong team ethic and our teachers often bond together to give advice, ideas and encouragement to eachother. We would like our new teachers to be team players.

      It is also important that you can be relied upon to attend classes, complete your work with little to no hassle. You will spend the majority of your time at school, and as such must be relied upon to conduct yourself accordingly.
    • you must attend an interview

      We only hire those who are willing to attend a job interview. Dress smart and be presentable.


    Working at NAVA has many benefits and is a rewarding experience.

    • one academic year contract

      Unlike most language centres, we provide our teachers with a 1 year contract, assuring our teachers they need not worry about inconsistant income, or becoming unemployed.
    • work permit

      We provide our teachers with a visa and work permit.
    • bupa healthcare accident insurance

      We offer our teachers healthcare insurance via BUPA, just in case you take sick or have an accident.
    • bonus scheme

      At NAVA we encourage our teachers to put every effort into their lessons and as an incentive we offer a bonus to those who work hard and teach well.
    • national holidays

      NAVA pays you for the many national holidays that incurr throughout the working year.
    • 1 week paid holiday

      NAVA teachers get a 1 week paid holiday every year.
    • materials and assistance

      The NAVA office is often referred to as a library for flashcards, there are literally too many flashcards to count! All of the NAVA resources are at your disposal for use in your lessons, be it flashcards or a laptop computer. We provide our teachers with enough resources to teach excellent lessons.

      The NAVA office also has our most valuable resource, our staff! The office staff are incredibly helpful and are always available to help with making flashcards, designing worksheets and everything in between.

    We are currently recruiting!

    NAVA are currently recruiting experienced ESL teachers. Those interested should send us an email with your CV and a recent photograph.


    Don't have a TEFL certificate?

    If you do not have a TEFL qualification, why not take our TEFL course via Green TEFL?

    Green TEFL Chiang Mai
    The Green TEFL Course is different from other TEFL programs because our trainees learn to teach in real Thai schools. Within your first days of TEFL training, you will be teaching in one of the schools that contract NAVA for teachers and it's this early, authentic experience that instills the relevance of all of the training you will receive.

    While other courses may overload trainees with theoretical instruction before the trainees ever see the inside of a classroom, Green TEFL grounds all of its instruction in practical teaching and guides your learning through continous contact with real Thai students.


    The NAVA School of English provides highly trained, professional English teachers to over fifteen schools!

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